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Stress Counselling Dublin

Stress is a mental, emotional, physical, and often behavioural response to a wide variety of stimulants, events or traumas. It may manifest itself in anxiety, worry, panic attacks, confusion and any other number of psychological responses.
Contrary to popular belief, stress is not necessarily caused by an acutely upsetting event. The term actually refers to demands placed on you by everyday experiences that result in your body's arousing itself physiologically to meet those demands.
In Embolden Counselling we can help you gain a better understanding and acceptance of yourself in recognising the triggers of your stress. We will assist you in gaining knowledge of coping skills to help manage your stress levels. This will help you live your life to its full potential and give you a sense of peace in your life.
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Stress Counselling Dublin
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Embolden Stress Counselling Dublin
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